Building Your Knowledge of Wine

Most people have a general understanding or base knowledge of wine, but we often find ourselves wanting to know more about the wine we drink or just wanting to build our general knowledge of wine. This can be for many different reasons. For some, it’s wanting to know more about the culture of each country that the wine is from. For others, it’s wanting to build their general wine [...]

June 27th, 2020|

How To Get the Most Out of an Online Wine Class

In today’s day and age, we have unlimited access to learn about any subject matter we want with access to the internet. From dance classes to drawing classes to cooking classes to wine classes, we have the ability to learn about anything and everything at the touch of a button. However, often you hear about a friend or family member who spent the money and took an online class [...]

May 27th, 2020|

What To Expect When You Attend Capital Wine School’s WSET Wine Courses

Do you have a love for wine and its intriguing history? Have you ever sat in a classroom and thought to yourself, “This class would be way better with a glass of wine in my hand?” If that is you, we have some classes that you just might love. Here at Capital Wine School, it is our goal to make learning fun, and part of that process is learning [...]

February 20th, 2020|

Enhance Your Love and Knowledge Of Wine With Wine Courses

Every time you open a bottle of wine, you are transported on a journey of sensations unique to that bottle of wine. Although each bottle may take you on a different sensational journey, each is full of its own mysteries and can lead to some intriguing questions: what region did this wine come from? What food would be best to pair with this wine? Would my friends enjoy this wine? [...]

January 25th, 2020|

The Top Two Ways Wine Education Courses Can Help You

  You have had a long, rough day at work and just want to go home and curl up on the couch and relax with a nice glass of wine, but there is one problem: your house is em pty of wine. This means a trip to the store. You are determined to find that great wine you have heard so much about. When you enter the store, the wine [...]

December 30th, 2019|

The Master of Wine Exam: Is it Worth Taking?

Becoming a Master of Wine By: Matt Brown The Masters of Wine are often said to hold the most respected title in the world of wine. Their unparalleled depth and breadth of knowledge, their dedication to the support of the industry, and their high standards of professionalism have placed them in a league of their own. With so much to admire, it is no wonder that hundreds of students apply [...]

February 1st, 2019|

What It’s Like To Work at a Wine Harvest

My Experience at Belle Pente Winery By: Matt Perrella I worked my first wine harvest in 2014. The winery was Belle Pente in Willamette Valley, Oregon. Being in Willamette Valley, the primary focus was on Pinot Noir, but smaller quantities of Chardonnay, Riesling, Gamay and Muscat were also made. I can truly say it was a gratifying experience. You can learn the steps of winemaking from books but getting a [...]

February 1st, 2019|

Caroline Hermann – 2018 Master of Wine Inductee

The New Masters of Wine (MWs): By: Caroline Hermann On November 6, 2018, the UK-based Institute of Masters of Wine officially welcomed 14 new Masters of Wine (MW) to its membership, of which I was one. Candidates must pass: -      a four-day theory exam requiring critical analysis of all aspects of viticulture, vinification, the business of wine, and contemporary issues; -      a three-day, 36-wine blind tasting analysis, testing the ability to “taste like a detective [...]

December 28th, 2018|

Wine Openers Review

My name is Kasia Tomecka and I have been in the Food and Beverage industry for 18 years. I’ve been really lucky to have had many great wine jobs, but my favorite one is my current position that I’ve had for about 4 years as an Educator at the Capital Wine School in DC. I have my Diploma in Wine Studies and am a WSET Certified Educator. I was recently [...]

December 12th, 2018|