Do you have a love for wine and its intriguing history? Have you ever sat in a classroom and thought to yourself, “This class would be way better with a glass of wine in my hand?” If that is you, we have some classes that you just might love. Here at Capital Wine School, it is our goal to make learning fun, and part of that process is learning and experiencing wine all at the same time. We recommend that if you love wine and want to learn with a glass of wine in hand, Capital Wine School’s WSET wine courses are for you.

What is the WSET?

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust provides education and qualification in wines, spirits, and sake for professionals and enthusiasts. Based in London, the WSET provides the best-in-class education course that helps inspire and empower the world’s wine enthusiasts. They are globally recognized as the international standard in wine and spirit knowledge. The WSET works with hundreds of wine schools in over seventy countries to help provide the best in wine education.

How to get the most out of your WSET wine course

Wine courses are becoming more and more popular as interest in wine continues to grow. Attending a wine course allows you time out of your house, learning about something you love, and making new friends along the way. So how can you make the most out of your wine course experience?

  • Ask Questions: There are never any wrong questions you can ask about wine. Chances are if you have questions, someone else is wondering the same thing too. You do not need to leave your wine course more confused than when you started. Whether you have a question about determining the region a wine is from, which foods pair best with which wines, or you’re just wanting to know if you can have another glass of wine, no question is ever off limits in our wine courses.
  • Be Prepared: While this may seem like an obvious statement, there is a little more to it than just the simple statement. In addition to having all the things needed for a great class, you’ll want to prepare your palate as well. You should try to avoid anything that has strong flavors like coffee and tobacco, and drink plenty of water ahead of time. You want to be able to understand what the teacher is describing about the wine, but if you still have a strong coffee taste in your mouth, you may find that your wine has a hint more of hazelnut creamer than it should. You will also want to avoid wearing heavily scented perfume, cologne, or lotions, as these scents will interfere with your ability to smell all the great things happening in your glass.
  • Choose Courses: We offer courses for everyone at every level. We offer classes with the WSET providing you access to some of the greatest wines around the world. We also offer classes with the Wine Scholar Guild, allowing you to taste wine from Spain, Italy, and France. We also offer some inhouse courses. Our extraordinary teacher sommeliers are all prepared to teach each course at their respective level, helping you reach the highest level of wine enthusiast. Our most in depth and popular option for wine courses is the WSET, the certification for completing the courses is internationally recognized.

What is covered in the WSET wine courses?

Now that you know a little more about what the WSET is and how to prepare for a wine course, here are the areas of wine that will be covered throughout the WSET courses:

  • Level I: This is a beginner level for those who want to learn more about wine or even start pursuing a possible career in wine. You will be able to explore the main types and styles of wine, describe wines perfectly, and make the best food and wine pairings. Level I focuses on wine grapes and their characteristics, how to properly store and serve wine, and the principles of food pairing. Once you have finished Level I, you will receive a WSET certificate and a lapel pin.
  • Level II: This is a beginner to intermediate level; however, you do not need to complete Level I in order to enroll in this class. You get to skip a whole Level if you already have a solid grasp on wine knowledge. Level II will help you learn about labelling terms indicating origin and quality, food and wine pairing, and great quality wines from eight principal grape varieties:
      • Chardonnay
      • Pinot Grigo/Gris
      • Sauvignon Blanc
      • Riesling
      • Cabernet Sauvignon
      • Merlot
      • Pinot Noir
      • Syrah/Shiraz
  • Level III: You have successfully completed Level II and are on your way to being the world’s greatest wine expert. Now enrolled in Level III, you will learn about production of wines, the sparkling, still, and fortified wines of the world, and how to taste, describe, and evaluate the quality of wines. Once you have successfully completed Level III, you will receive a certificate, the lapel pin, and are now able to use the WSET certified logo.
  • Level IV: You have made it to the end and are so close to being a certified expert in all aspects of wine. The last level is more in depth and covers a broad range of topics all still focusing on fine wines. You will study wine production and business, and wines of the world: both sparkling and fortified. Once finished with the Level IV, you will have exceptional wine analytic skills and are now ready to enroll in the Master of Wine program if you wish to make your love of wine a full career.

No matter where you are in your wine journey, Capital Wine School would be thrilled to continue your wine education in a fun and educational way. Who says you can’t have your wine and education too? Contact us today to schedule the right WSET courses for you. We’re confident you’ll love the entire experience from beginning to end.