You have had a long, rough day at work and just want to go home and curl up on the couch and relax with a nice glass of wine, but there is one problem: your house is em
pty of wine. This means a trip to the store. You are determined to find that great wine you have heard so much about. When you enter the store, the wine section has such a wide variety to choose from and you just wanted to find the new wine that will help take the edge off your long, rough day. After looking through the aisles, you have two options, go with your usual purchase of wine and head home with your tried and true great-tasting wine or ask a sales associate for their opinion on which wine would make for a relaxing evening. What if you could be just like the sales associate and recommend the best wines at the store to all your family and friends and even other customers standing stumped in the wine aisle? Then you wouldn’t ever have to wonder which wine you need after a long day at the office.

Capital Wine School offers the best in wine education classes 

We got our start in 2008 and have made it our priority to offer the highest quality wine education, all while keeping our classes light and fun. Our motto is, “Seriously fun wine education.” We want you to walk away with a smile on your face and a greater understanding of fine wine and where it comes from.

The top two ways our wine education classes can help you in your journey to fine wines

  1. Saving Money on Unwanted Wine: You may be wondering how attending and paying for wine classes may save you money, but we assure you they can. Many people order wine based on prices alone but just because the wine you have ordered is the most expensive does not necessarily mean it will taste great with what you ordered. In our education classes, you will learn which foods pair best with which wines which could ultimately save you money on your nights out from trying a terrible combination. Or have you ever purchased a wine that you were excited to relax on the couch with and after you took that first sip immediately regretted your wine purchase? We will help you find which wines are the best for you and the foods everyone loves.
  2. Better Wine Understanding: We offer courses and tastings for every level of wine enthusiast. We have a wide variety of classes, courses, and certifications. 
    • Beginner: These are to help introduce and expose you to the different styles and types of fine wine. We focus on learning about grapes, regions, and countries from where the wine is produced. We will help you find the perfect food pairings and learn about blind wine tastings as well.  Anyone is welcome to join our beginner classes; no previous experience is required to enjoy our Beginners Classes. 
    • Intermediate: These classes are designed to help you understand the differences in wines by their vineyard location, grape growing, and winemaking. We discuss the aging of wine and focus further on food pairings. While these classes can be attended by anyone, they are more designed for those wanting to learn and expand their base knowledge on wine.
    • Advanced: These are our more challenging classes and designed for experienced wine tasters, buyers or those preparing for the WSET exams. We expand even further into the regions and understanding of what it takes to make a truly great wine. 
    • In addition to our wine courses, we are also an authorized program provider for the WSET, French Wine Scholar™, the Italian Wine Scholar™, and the Spanish Wine Scholar™ programs.

There is a wine course for everyone at Capital Wine School. If you’re ready to walk confidently into the wine aisle and choose the best wine for the occasion, contact our office today, and we can help you register for wine classes and get your “Seriously fun wine education” started. We look forward to it!