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The WSET Level 4 Diploma Certification Course is the highest certification offered by the WSET. The Diploma is comprised of 6 Units, and it can take 2-3 years to complete the full program. The WSET Level 4 Diploma is the WSET’s flagship qualification, designed to prepare those in the trade for senior positions within the wines and spirits business.  This qualification is also suitable for the dedicated wine enthusiast wishing to build on knowledge gained at Level 3 and acquire further expertise in wine tasting. The course will not only develop product knowledge to a specialist level, but will also enable students to acquire skills that will continue to be of use beyond the course. Please note, students must have passed the WSET Level 3 exam in order to register for the Diploma program. In addition, each student must take Unit # 2, Wine Production, before taking any other Unit in the WSET Level 4 Diploma Program. After completing Unit # 2, students can take the remaining units in any order they choose.

WSET Level 4 Diploma, Unit #1 Upcoming Seminars and Assessments

WSET Level 4 Diploma, Unit #1: The Global Business of Alcoholic Beverages

Cost for both papers (new Unit #1 candidate):  $699.00
Cost for one paper (retake): $295.00

The Unit #1 assessment is comprised of two papers:

  1. case study examination (50% of grade) that students write in class under exam conditions. Topics are released by the WSET one month before the examination. The case study exam will be held at 10:30 a.m. on the following dates at the Capital Wine School: March 6, 2018 and June 12, 2018.
  2. coursework assignment (50% of grade) that students write at home over the course of several months. Please note that the assignment cannot be submitted electronically. A hard copy of the paper must be delivered to the Capital Wine School. Topics are released by the WSET in June of each year. The Capital Wine School will accept coursework assignments on the following date:  April 10, 2018.

Please note that you must have taken the WSET Level 4 Diploma, Unit #2 exam before registering for this, or any other, unit.


- Registration required by March 1, 2018 for the submission of the April 10, 2018 coursework assignment

- Registration required by March 28, 2018 for the June 12, 2018 case study exam

Price: $599.00

Date: Jun 12, 2018

Available Spaces: 24

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