You’ve loved wine for as long as you can remember and have a glass of fine wine almost every night. What if you could turn your love for fine wines into a job? You can become a sommelier and share your love of fine wines by helping people pick the perfect wine to drink with their meal. But where can you begin your wine and spirit education to become a sommelier and work with fine wines every day?

Capital Wine School in DC offers a wide variety of wine and spirit education

Our instructors are all very knowledgeable, experienced, and engaging. Our wine and spirit education courses began in 2008. We offer the highest quality of wine education all while keeping classes fun. Wine education and tasting instruction classes are available in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area.  

Here are a few of our classes that you can choose from:

  • Wine Scholar Guild: These wine and spirit education courses take you across the world studying wines from three different countries: France, Italy, and Spain. While there will be no actual traveling, you will feel like you are there while learning about their delicious wines.
    • French Program: This course includes a 280 page full-color French Wine Scholar study manual, 1 year access to the French Wine Scholar online study program, and registration for the French Wine Scholar Exam.
    • Italian Program: The Italian course is divided up into two units. The first unit is about wines from Northern Italy and the second unit covers Central and Southern Italy wines.
    • Spain Program: Our Spanish wine program will launch in fall of 2019.  
  • Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Classes: The WSET is an internationally recognized wine and spirit education program that offers courses and certification for everyone from beginner to expert.  You can become a certified wine expert and will receive a diploma upon completion of the course.

Are you ready to turn your love for wine into your perfect job? Contact us at the Capital Wine School in DC and let us help you find the perfect wine and spirit education classes for your interests.