You have decided to vacation in Washington, D.C. Many do not choose this destination without wanting to learn more about the founding of our nation. A vacation to D.C. is a wonderful history lesson in every direction. There is history in all the statues and other wonderful architectural structures in addition to nature itself with the beautiful cherry blossoms received as a gift of friendship from Japan. Once the museums and monuments have all been seen during your daily sightseeing, what is there to do in the evenings? 


Capital Wine School offers fun and educational wine tastings for individuals and groups

You have taken in all the rich history of the United States throughout the day and now you can end the evening taking in the rich taste and history of wine. Why should you attend our wine tasting? 


  • You Love Wine: Each wine has its own unique taste and each sip is a journey to a new destination. You’ve experienced a full day in DC, now experience the exquisite taste of France, Italy or Spain’s fine wines. Travel the world without leaving our nation’s capital during one of our fun wine tasting classes.
  • You Love Learning: If you are unsure of which wine is perfect to pair with your meal, a wine tasting is just for you. After attending our wine tasting, you will not only be able to taste many fine wines, but also be familiar with the taste of the wines and which would pair better with meat or fish or even purchase the perfect wine as a gift for friends. This will help while you’re enjoying dining around Washington, D.C. during your vacation.
  • You Love Life: Life is too short to drink bad wine. Standing in line at the supermarket with the many shelves and rows of wine can be overwhelming. You purchase a wine only to end up with something awful and pouring it down the drain: it wasn’t even worth finishing. We help you learn which wines are the best for your palate.


If you’re looking for something fun and unique to try while visiting Washington, D.C., whether with just family or a large group, consider attending one of our fun and educational wine tastings at Capital Wine School. We have a variety of classes and options from which to choose, so we’re sure you’ll find something you love. Contact our office today to learn more about our wine tastings and to schedule a wine tasting event.