Your employees have been doing a fantastic job this year, so you want to reward them with something amazing that they will remember for years to come; but what? People tend to relax and unwind after work with a glass of wine, so why not choose a wine tasting event? Your corporate event could be spent with relaxation and some team building exercises all while sipping on some of the finest wine in DC.

What happens at a corporate wine event?

  • Great Tasting Wine: You get to have your taste of a variety of wines. Here at Capital Wine School, we offer seven different wines from which to choose. You have the option to taste all seven or choose from just a few. There are no hidden costs or fees: it’s a flat rate for the seven wines.
  • Credentialed Sommelier: We have a credentialed sommelier there for you to help make your private corporate wine tasting educational as well. Our sommelier is there to ensure that your visit is a delightful one.
  • Location of Your Choice: You get to pick where your corporate wine event will be held. We come to you! You are also able to choose a theme for your corporate wine event along with choosing what region or type of grape for your wine tasting. If you are unsure of what to choose for you event, we will be happy to help make suggestions. You will also set how long your wine tasting will be since it is at a destination of your choice.

If a corporate wine event is just what you’ve been looking for, you can fill out this contact form for more information. Capital Wine School will ensure your wine tasting is fun and educational for everyone who attends. This will be the corporate event of the year that your employees will love and feel appreciated for all of their hard work and dedication.