Have you ever been planning a party with your friends and argued about which wines would be the best to serve at the party? Or stood in the wine aisle and had a hard time deciding which new wines to try? Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to take a sip of every one and then take home the best bottles of wine from the shelves? At Capital Wine School, we offer a variety of wine tastings that come to you, so you and your friends can sit back, relax, and enjoy the evening with fine wine.

Here are a few tips on how to have the perfect wine tasting event

  • Location: Whether you decide to host the party at your place or somewhere else, location is key to your wine tasting event. You want everyone to feel comfortable and have a great time. When you choose Capital Wine to help host your wine tasting, we will come to you. You can choose anywhere within the DC area, and we will bring the wines to you. If you want to host your event in the lobby of a fancy hotel, we’ll be there. If you’d like to have a few friends over at your house, we’ll be there. Even if you’d like to host an outdoor event overlooking the river, Capital Wine School will be there. We bring everything to you so your party can go smoothly.
  • Theme: You can choose a theme based on your friends’ dynamic or choose a theme related to the many varieties of wine we have. We will discuss with you what wines would work best with whichever theme you choose. If you want an Italian evening with lots of crooning and pasta, we will bring the Italian wines that pair well with your theme. Are you wanting a Paris-themed evening with love, wine, and cheese? You bring the love and cheese, and we will pair the best French wines with them.
  • Relax: Now that you have the location, theme, and food, you can relax. We will provide your party with the stemware so you don’t have to worry about bringing wine glasses to your party. One of our knowledgeable and talented sommeliers will help ensure that the evening is light and fun and will make sure a great time is had by all at your wine tasting even

Are you ready to get the party started? Contact us today and find out more about throwing the best wine tasting event your friends will ever have.