Wine is an excellent way to celebrate. There are several different ways that people enjoy wine. You can enjoy a glass with dinner or celebrate the night with a glass enjoying that the kids are asleep. Some choose to celebrate big events like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and more with the best wine available. The Capital Wine School can help you celebrate the big events in your life by helping you host a private wine class event. These events are both fun and educational, teaching everyone about fine wines while sipping different types throughout the evening.

Themes you can choose for your private wine class event

A private wine class event would be a great option for birthdays or a party just because you love wine. These are two different themes we offer that you can center around the regions of the private wine classes:

  • Italy: Who doesn’t love the smooth crooning sounds of Italian Dean Martin? Italy has some of the greatest food to choose from: any type of pasta, eggplant parmesan, truffles, gelato, and tiramisu to name a few. You can go with a casual theme and allow everyone to wine taste from table to table and mingle with other guests while listening to the beautiful singing of Dean in the background What a great way to end the evening.
  • France: Paris comes to mind when you hear France. You can decorate with the city of love’s decor. This can be a bit more formal and have a sit-down tasting. You can pair French cheese and bread with the delicious wine you’ll be tasting throughout the evening during your private wine class.

Our tastings start for a party of 14 people and include seven wines to learn from. We also provide Riedel glassware, and one of our credentialed sommeliers.

Celebrate life by hosting your own private wine class event. Contact us today, and we can help you get started on planning the best wine get together for you and your guests.