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Best Big Reds for Winter with Michael Franz


2 hours, $85

Winter may be dark and cold (especially this winter!), but it is not without its compensations, and perhaps the most consoling are rich stews, braised lamb shanks...and the big red wines that pair perfectly with them. This class will survey a dozen of the best options from around the world, including some famous choices such as Bordeaux, Barolo and Shiraz, but also lesser-known greats that are rising in prominence, such as Priorat from Spain, Tannat from Uruguay, and Aglianico from southern Italy. An important objective will be to show that wines with impressive weight and palate impact can also be nuanced and balanced.

PLEASE NOTE: You may register and pay for multiple attendees. However, if the class is near capacity, the system will only permit you to register and pay for as many seats as remain available. If you wish to register more attendees than this page is permitting, please note that there are not enough seats remaining to accommodate your entire party. Please email info@capitalwineschool.com if you have any questions.

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

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